The Importance of Access Control Stickers

10 Sep 2018

access control stickers

Hands up who does pick up and drop off with the kids every day? Who works at an office park? Anyone live in a secure, gated estate? If you answered yes to any of these, it’s likely you’ve got an access control sticker on your vehicle.

What are access control stickers?

Access control stickers are a safety measure put in place by most guarded establishments such as schools, hospitals, government offices and residential estates. These stickers serve to identify people who frequent these establishments as safe to pass through the gates. Access stickers differ from normal vinyl stickers in that they are stuck on the inside of the window, for security purposes. This means that the printed image, needs to be on the same side as the sticky surface. We won’t put you to sleep with all the complex technical production details, but can tell you that we have perfected a method to produce these consistently and at a very high quality.

Due to the different production method and increased labour, the costs for access stickers are higher than normal vinyl stickers. This doesn’t however impact many of our clients, as they mostly pass this cost on to their users – some even use this as a fund raising exercise and charge a little more for each access sticker.

Who uses access control stickers?

Access control stickers are used in a number of different industries to limit access to premises for security purposes.


Hospitals need to regulate who goes in and out of their premises, to avoid vagrants and dangerous individuals gaining access to the hospital. Nurses, doctors and any other hospital employees would likely require an access sticker on their vehicles in order to enter the hospital grounds. They would also be allocated parking spots so having a sticker on their vehicles to clearly identify themselves as staff helps security regulate visitors parking in doctors/nurses parking spots.


It is vital every school has “parent” and “staff” access stickers for vehicles as this is an institution which should take every measure to ensure their students are safe at all times. Anyone without an access sticker should not be granted access to school premises unless authorised by a parent or teacher.


Dangerous inmates could attract dangerous visitors. To avoid contraband such as drugs or weapons getting to inmates, prisons need to regulate who can access the prison. Guards, wardens and other officials should all have access stickers on their vehicles. It is wise that anyone who does not have an access sticker has their vehicle and person thoroughly searched before entering the prison grounds.

Government Offices

Most government institutions would require staff and officials to have official access control stickers on their vehicles in order to gain entry into the premises. This would be to avoid any malicious persons gaining access to government property as well as regulating parking spaces.

Residential Estates

Most residential estates require residents to have access control stickers on their vehicles, so security can identify who the permanent residents are at a glance. This regulates traffic at the gates and helps security easily identify suspicious vehicles.

Office Parks

Office parks tend to also hand out access control stickers to all employees for security measures as well as to ensure visitors don’t take up employee parking spaces.

Where can I order access control stickers?

Please note that the minimum order quantity is 200 for this product. We also haven’t yet built in the order functionality online so contact us directly for a quote –