The Many Ways Custom Labels Can Be Applied To Wine Bottles

30 May 2018

custom wine bottle

Whether for business or personal use, custom labels on wine bottles make anyone on the receiving end feel extra special. We break down the many ways you can create custom labels for wine bottles to add that unique edge to the occasion.

  1. Bridesmaid or Groomsman Gifts

You thought you were off the hook when it comes to proposing after popping the question…you were wrong! These days, its trendy to also prepare something special to make your friends status of bridesmaid and groomsman official. A popular gift of choice is your friends favourite bottle of wine, with a customised label asking them to be a part of your big day. This is a gift your mates are sure to love!

  1. Custom Wedding Reception Wine

Another wedding-related use for custom labels is a specially designed label to go on all the wine and champagne bottles at the reception. This could be a picture of the bridal couple, a special monogram or the official wedding hashtag. Recently, bridal couples are evening popping custom labels onto water bottles to give their entire wedding a custom feel.

  1. Corporate Gifts

You can never go wrong gifting your clients, employees or stakeholders with a good bottle of vino. Know how you can make it that much better? Show off your corporate identity with custom labels on each bottle. This can even include the recipient’s name and a special message from your company. Maybe they’ll crack it open at a dinner party – hello free advertising!

  1. Brand Campaigns

Maybe you’re a wine brand ready to launch a new ad campaign? What better way to get your campaign messaging out to the world than in the very place the people you want to reach will find it! This is especially useful if you want to direct customers to your social media channels, as campaign specific hashtags or social links can be included on your custom labels.

If you’re planning a wedding, prepping for a corporate event or trying to get your wine brand’s name out there, we’d love to hear from you and work on creating some awesome custom labels together with you. We also offer custom stickers and decals, providing you with a holistic solution.

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