Meet The Team: Kyle

17 Jun 2018

Wonder who you’re chatting to when you place an order? Or who is working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly? We’ve decided to feature a staff member every month so you can get to know the awesome people on our team!

Let’s start with your name? 


What do you do here? 

Primarily sales

Which area of the business is your favorite and why? 

I would have to say StickerandLabelSA because it has grown rapidly in such a short amount of time and doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon.

If you could create a slogan for your life, what would it be? 

I’ve always liked ‘work hard, play hard’ as a motto to live by.

What would we find you doing in your spare time? 

I enjoy spending time with my partner Ashlee, spending time with my family and with hers. Going out for drinks, having a braai with friends and family. I also enjoy my sport so will spend lots of my time watching cricket, formula 1, football and rugby.

If you ruled the world, what would you change on Day 1? 

If I ruled the world I would make sure that there would be no more cruelty to animals.

If you weren’t in your current position, what job would we find you in? 

I would do something to do with data analysis or be a CFA…something like that.

Why should customers choose to work with us? 

We provide excellent customer service, we always go the extra mile when it comes to our customers and we always put them first. All our products are of the highest quality, we have very fast lead times compared to our competitors. We also don’t provide just one service, we provide many, making us a one stop shop.

Some rapid fire questions! 

Coffee/Tea – Coffee

Pizza Burgers – Pizza

Beer/Wine – Beer

Chips/Chocolate – Chips

Beach/Forest – Beach

Winter/Summer – Summer

Catch up with Kyle next time you place your order!