Poli-Print Vinyl Material

07 May 2021

Stickers can be beautiful, creative, and interesting, but if you do not work with stickers every day, it can get a bit confusing to know all the different types of material used to print stickers on. You might have come across words like polyester, laminates, chrome, or pearlescent. You can go into so many directions when it comes to printing stickers, your options are almost limitless.

We have found a specific area of focus when it comes to the stickers we print. Although our expertise is not so diverse, we aim to be best at the specific ones we do.

The material we use is called Poli-Print. This material has a clear solvent acrylic adhesive at the back. It is suitable to use on various surfaces, for example on glass, metal or plastic. The lifespan of this vinyl is up to 3-5 years for outdoor use.

Poli-Print viny is particularly suitable for mid-to-long-term indoor and outdoor use and for application on flat, curved and slightly corrugated surfaces.

Email us on office@stickerandlabelsa.co.za with your sticker sizes and quantity and we will send you a quote.