Qualify for Free Courier Delivery and a 10% Discount

25 Oct 2017

If you would like to qualify for free courier delivery, you don’t need to jump through a whole series of hoops! Simply place your order online and you will automatically get free courier delivery worth R50.

On top of this, we will also throw in a 10% discount off your order total. This is similarly applied automatically at the checkout without you having to do anything.

Have we lost our mind by offering you such a deep discount and value offering? We don’t think so – well not yet anyway :). Over the last 12 years in the ecommerce space, we have found that it takes a lot less time for us to process orders that have been placed online – i.e. where we receive the complete order directly, after being processed through our websites (RubberStampSA, NameBadgeSA and BusinessCardSA).

This enables us to offer you a much quicker turnaround time and saves us valuable time that we can use to service other enquiries/orders. It seems like a win-win scenario to us, so we decided a long time ago to thank you for working with us in this regard and offered free courier delivery and a 10% discount for all orders placed online.

For those that think there may be a catch – well, there isn’t. We have made it exceptionally easy to place your order online. You can upload your own artwork, use one of our templates from a wide range of categories or start from scratch with our Design Wizard.

We look forward to receiving your order!