Popular uses of our Stickers

02 Jul 2021

Whether you are an entrepreneur starting your own new and exciting brand or want to decorate and capture special moments in your scrapbook, we can assist you with the perfect stickers!

Some of the popular uses of our stickers include: Advertising and branding, floor stickers (Covid), beauty and soap-based products, food and drink products, coffee brands, homemade candles and diffusers, water bottles, art and craft.

We customize each sticker to your individual needs. You can send us your artwork and let us know the quantity you need. There are some templates available on our website for you to use, or to draw inspiration from. We can assist you with a basic layout, if you can send us your picture or logo in a high-definition file, as well as the words you want to add onto it.

We cannot print any image/artwork that contains elements that are or may be copyrighted/trademarked. This includes any Disney characters, Marvel or DC superheroes, brands like Nike or Fanta etc. If you are unsure, you can send us an email and we can advise you before you place your order. https://stickerandlabelsa.co.za/contact-us/