Water Resistant Labels

13 Aug 2021

Vinyl doesn’t allow water to break through, so vinyl stickers can be a water-resistant solution to branding items like juice bottles, soda bottles or yogurt containers.

You want your brand to stand out, right? Some people use bold colours to represent their brand where others are going for a more minimalist look. There are benefits to both techniques. Using a simple design printed on clear vinyl will give the client a view of the contents of the container so they can see exactly what they’re buying. A more elaborate bottle design with a good tag line will instantly get your product noticed and get people curious.

Another way to create a delightful visual identity is to use circles, stripes, and zigzag patterns for your artwork design. It is important to keep consistency. For example, to use a single and vibrant colour for each flavour. Use something that people can instantly associate with your brand when they see it.

If you have something unique in your blend, be sure to create the perfect unique labels to show that off! We can assist you with printing your labels office@stickerandlabelsa.co.za /