Printing licensed character stickers

12 Mar 2018

Cartoon Characters

We are often asked if we can printed licensed character stickers for birthday parties and other events. As much as we would like to help you make your event extra special by printing customised stickers, it is legally and ethically wrong and we unfortunately will not be able to assist. The only exception would be if you had purchased the rights to use this from the original license holder. Obtaining permission is usually very time consuming and costly, so this isn’t usually an option.

You may find some of our competitors who are willing to assist and similarly may have no problems ordering a customised cake in the shape of that special character. Unfortunately, regardless of the use, if you are using a trademarked character as part of your work product, you are breaking the law and will subject yourself to the possibility of criminal prosecution and/or a civil suit. The chances of this happening may be remote, but as a publisher ourselves, we also believe that we have an ethical responsibility not to make use of somebody else’s designs/characters.

This may all sound rather sinister, but we have a solution that usually ticks all the boxes. We subscribe to a stock photo site – with millions of images. You are welcome to browse for a similar character and simply send us the reference number with your order. If you need any help, please feel free to email us directly and we can have a quick look for you and come up with some suggestions. We can then happily make your custom stickers for your birthday party, hens party or other event.

You may also want to browse the sticker template section of our website for your order, or for some inspiration for occasion stickers and labels. We look forward to being of service.