Put Our Templates To The Test

17 Sep 2018


You’ve come to the realisation you need stickers or labels for your business or perhaps just for personal use…but where to begin with design, right? We’ve taken the guesswork and stress out of designing your own stickers and labels by offering an ever-growing gallery of templates for you to choose from. Here are your various options…

  1. Design Your Own

If you’re a design whizz or have an in-house graphic designer, then you can upload your artwork directly to our website. Upload your artwork in a .jpg file and customise your sticker/label size and quantity on our quote generator.

  1. Personalise Our Templates

If you’re not a designer, but you need your labels personalised, have a click through our gallery of predesigned stickers and labels. You can then personalise these in the ‘design wizard’ on our site which works in a similar, easy-to-use format to Canva. Here, you can also adjust the size of your stickers or labels to ensure you get the maximum quantity per printed sheet.

We’ve got an extensive collection of sticker and label templates including those for holiday or seasonal events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. Stickers and labels have also become a popular choice for Save The Dates for engaged couples.

  1. Use Ready-To-Go Templates

There are some templates in the gallery that don’t require personalisation. This includes stickers for birthdays, workplace safety warnings and ‘just-for-fun’ stickers and labels. Take a look at our sticker gallery hereand label gallery here, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for! If not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for assistance.

Need a quote? You can use our quick and simple online quote form to get an instant price for your job – it will also show the unit price. Our online sticker quote generator is situated on our home page. Simply put in the width and height for your particular sticker and then insert the quantity. You will almost see the price instantly. We offer generous volume discounts, so feel free to play around with the quantity to get a total/unit price that suits your requirements and budget.


Printing licensed character stickers

12 Mar 2018

Cartoon Characters

We are often asked if we can printed licensed character stickers for birthday parties and other events. As much as we would like to help you make your event extra special by printing customized stickers, it is legally and ethically wrong and we unfortunately will not be able to assist. The only exception would be if you had purchased the rights to use this from the original license holder. Obtaining permission is usually very time consuming and costly, so this isn’t usually an option.

You may find some of our competitors who are willing to assist and similarly may have no problems ordering a customised cake in the shape of that special character. Unfortunately, regardless of the use, if you are using a trademarked character as part of your work product, you are breaking the law and will subject yourself to the possibility of criminal prosecution and/or a civil suit. The chances of this happening may be remote, but as a publisher ourselves, we also believe that we have an ethical responsibility not to make use of somebody else’s designs/characters.

This may all sound rather sinister, but we have a solution that usually ticks all the boxes. We subscribe to a stock photo site – 123rf.com with millions of images. You are welcome to browse for a similar character and simply send us the reference number with your order. If you need any help, please feel free to email us directly and we can have a quick look for you and come up with some suggestions. We can then happily make your custom stickers for your birthday party, hens party or other event.

You may also want to browse the sticker template section of our website for your order, or for some inspiration for occasion stickers and labels. We look forward to being of service.

Uploading your own artwork

24 Oct 2017

We offer you a number of different ways to place your order, including uploading your own artwork. Our thinking here, is that not everybody has the same design experience and skills. We also felt that it was important to cater for those wanting a self service option(s) to those wanting more of a helping hand.

Uploading your own artwork

For those going the self service route, it is extremely quick and easy to upload your artwork. There are however a few things you should bear in mind:

  • You should allow a bleed of at least 2mm for all images that extend to the trim / cut line.
  • The safe area for text is about 2mm inside of the trim / cut line of the sticker/label/decal.
  • The specifications for the trim / cut line are as follows –
  • All text should ideally be converted to curves (we have a vast library of fonts, but may need the font name/file if is rare or obscure and we are required to edit your design).
  • We print in CMYK. If Pantone® colours have been used in your design we will try our best to match them when we print using our CMYK inks. If you are printing on a vinyl other than white, or a different material altogether, the final printed colour may vary slightly.
  • Images should be no less than 300dpi at the actual size
  • File types – if you have used a vector based design program, it is always best if you submit the original file and don’t rasterise. We accept .pdf / .ai / .eps / .cdr files. You can also submit a .jpg file, but we may not be able to edit the file
  • Lastly, we do not print using white ink yet. This is important if you have artwork that has white in it and wanted to print on clear vinyl.

Other Self Service Options

On our site, you can also use one of our templates to start off with. This is ideal if you are looking for inspiration and are happy to use a template and simply customise the relevant text. We have already created loads of sticker and label templates in many categories and we are sure you will find one that you like.

If you would rather start with a blank canvas, why not use our design wizard. It is very easy to use without any design knowledge, although you may want to read up on the guide to using the Design Wizard here. We have deliberately tried to keep the design wizard simple, which means there is always some tradeoff in terms of functionality. Having said that, all the templates that you see on this site were put together using the very same Design Wizard 🙂

If you need a little bit more design power and don’t have access to a fully fledged design program, why not have a look at Canva – it is feature rich, has an awesome library of images and elements and is magically easy to use.


Guide to using the Design Wizard

20 Oct 2017

Based on our experience processing orders on our other three e-commerce sites, we have tried to offer you a number of different options to make your order journey as seamless as possible. You can upload your own artwork if you have the design skills. You can also start by choosing from a wide range of templates that we have made for you, or you can start with a completely blank canvas using our design wizard.

We have tried to strike a delicate balance here between simplicity and functionality. The Sticker and Label design wizard is ideally aimed at people who don’t have access to, or experience with, a fully functional software design package like Corel Draw or Illustrator / Photoshop.

Design Wizard Step 1 – Setup

The first thing you want to look for is the green arrow on the bottom left of the screen. This shows you your starting point, which involves putting in the dimensions of your Sticker/Label/Decal. If you have started your order on the Home Page, then simply confirm that the dimensions are correct. Similarly, you can then either enter or confirm that the quantity is correct.

Moving across from left to right, you can then check if you want 3D doming as an option, select the background colour for your order and choose the shape of your Sticker, Label or Decal. The options for the latter are a square or rectangle with square / round corners, a sphere (circle or oval) and a custom shaped option (in this case we will place a cut line to cut around the contours on the edge of your design).

Design Wizard Step 2 – Design

Right, now that we have set everything up, you can jump straight into designing your order. If you are including an image or logo, it is a good idea to start with that first by clicking on New Image Layer and selecting your image/logo from your PC or Laptop. Once you have uploaded the image, you will see buttons on the right hand side (under Layer Properties) to Rotate, Fit, Centre, Adjust and Reposition the image. It is also possible to click on the image itself and move it around.

Next, you can add text to your Sticker/Label/Decal. At this stage, we don’t yet have a paragraph option, so you would need to add each line as a separate text box. You can then edit the Font, Size and Colour of the text and move it around by clicking on the text.

To move a text or image layer up/down, simply click on the small arrows to the right of the respective Layer Line in the Layer Box.

Design Wizard Step 3 – Finishing Touches

You are almost done! We have preset the three finishing options to the most common ones but you are welcome to change any of these. You are now finished 🙂 – add the order to your cart and then either proceed straight to the checkout or add another sticker/label/decal order to your basket. If you get stuck at any stage, remember you can chat to us instantly (during working hours) on Live Chat or contact us by phone or using our contact form.