5 Clever Ideas To Use Stickers For Guerilla Marketing

13 Nov 2018

When it comes to marketing a business or campaign, stickers are the often-forgotten medium by marketers and business owners. Little do they realise the power stickers have in delivering memorable, powerful messages to target audiences. They’re more affordable than a billboard and can literally be stuck anywhere, making their reach far superior to most traditional methods of advertising. They are one of the best guerilla marketing tools available to businesses.

Here are some examples of businesses who truly nailed it when it comes to using stickers creatively.

The Australian Public Transport Authority Anti-Graffiti Campaign

The Australian PTA were sick and tired of their buses getting vandalised by “graffidiots” (basically illegal graffiti ‘artists’), so they launched a campaign to put an end to the vandalism once and for all. Stickers were placed on the back of seats in buses showing handcuffed arms in a bid to ward-off would-be vandals.

guerilla marketing stickers

Mr. Clean Street Stickers

Simple but so very effective, the Mr. Clean guerilla marketing campaign in the streets of NYC are an excellent example of how great stickers can be to get your message across. Mr. Clean is an all-purpose cleaning product and to demonstrate just how well it cleans, die-cut stickers were stuck onto pedestrian crossings with one line painted brighter than the rest. Not only did it get people talking, but it’s certainly memorable!

guerilla marketing stickers

Frontline Tick & Flea Spray

Frontline were very smart when they conjured up this fantastic idea to market their tick and flea spray. They installed a giant floor sticker of a labrador on the ground floor of a shopping mall, in a high traffic area. The result? Anybody looking down to the lower level would have had a good chuckle seeing mobile “ticks and fleas” all over the itchy dog – the people walking across the sticker!

guerilla marketing stickers

Natan Jewelry Brazil

Brazilian Jewelry company, Natan, put decal stickers on mirrors in public restrooms. This allowed women to “try on” the newly launched necklaces while freshening up. If that’s not considered clever guerilla marketing then we don’t know what is!

guerilla marketing stickers


Jeeps are known to be robust vehicles that can park just about anywhere. What better way to reinforce that perception by using vinyl decal stickers to create tricky parking spots? The message of this guerilla marketing campaign is clear and simple: Jeeps can park in these ridiculous parking spots without a hitch.

guerilla marketing stickers

There are so many more brilliant examples, we could sit here all day running through them with you but nobody has time for that, right? We’re sure, however, this got you suitably inspired to think of all the ways your business could use stickers for a guerilla marketing campaign of your own. Hey, who knows, maybe we’ll be featuring your creative campaign on here in the near future!

Let’s make that happen. Order stickers, labels and decals of any size, shape and quantity and get them delivered to your door. Need some assistance? Pop us a mail at office@stickerandlabelsa.co.za.

* Guerilla marketing is by its nature, fairly close to the edge. Whilst we encourage all forms of creative marketing endeavours, we would strongly suggest that you first confirm that you aren’t crossing any legal or ethical lines.


Buy Custom Stickers, Labels & Decals In Any Shape, Size & Quantity

30 Oct 2018

custom stickers, labels and decals

How often have you perfected your artwork and submitted to various printers for quotes only to be asked for CYMK colour references or which font you used? And how often have they come back to you saying they can only somewhat match the colour or can offer you a similar font because they don’t have yours? All that hassle is eliminated with StickerAndLabelSA – we make ordering custom stickers, labels and vinyl decals a breeze!

All Quotes Done Online

For your convenience, you can instantly get a quote on your printing job by filling in the online quote generator on our home page. You can toggle size, specs and quantity until you’re happy with the final cost. And the best part is, that cost includes delivery of your custom stickers, labels or vinyl decals.

Professional Team On Hand

Once your order has been put through, our professional team swiftly process your artwork. You can rest-assured that your colours and fonts will be perfectly matched thanks to our processing software. Pro Tip: be sure to add a ‘bleed’ on your artwork to make cropping to the desired size and proportions easier for our team.

Any Size

Whether you need dainty custom stickers, labels or vinyl decals, or sizable ones we can do it all. We can print stickers, labels and decals up to 1.6m high with virtually no limitations on their height. The sky really is the limit in terms of size!

All Shapes Welcome

We appreciate that not all custom stickers, labels or vinyl decals will be a straightforward shape. We will happily take on these jobs, we process them like we’d process an order for regular circular/square/rectangular stickers or labels.

No Quantity Too Big or Small

We know that many printers impose minimums on customers making it difficult to get smaller units printed. We’re not about that at all! There is no minimum quantity when ordering custom stickers, labels or decals with us. For larger jobs, we’ve got three Roland Machines that can pump out large quantities quickly. For very large-scale jobs, we have Flexo partners who assist us in lowering costs and reducing lead times.

If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us. A customer service specialist will be in touch in a jiffy!


StickerAndLabelSA Customer Review

17 Oct 2018


I run a small digital marketing agency, Pitch Perfect Marketing, based in Hillcrest, Durban. I have been working with Gary and his team for a few months on their content marketing strategy to drive more traffic to their websites. So when it came time for me to order some branded promotional stickers for my business, using StickerAndLabelSA was a no brainer!

Order Process

Putting my order through was really simple! I chose to design my own artwork, but you can use their templates and design wizard if you’re not a designer. On the home page you can plug in the sticker size and quantity for an instant quote. This quote always includes delivery to your door (what a win!). So from there, I simply uploaded my artwork and submitted my order.

Customer Service

Charlene responded to my order right away and sent me a proof to approve before handing my order over to the printing department. By that afternoon, I was told my stickers were ready for me to collect (my office is a few minutes drive from their offices so I saved them the schlep of dispatching with a courier). I do know that you’ll generally have your stickers within 48 hours from placing your order – their turnaround time is excellent!

Finished Product

My stickers turned out fantastically. I chose to get license disc stickers printed as a promotional tool for my business. I find it more useful to give to potential clients than a business card, and let’s face it, everyone needs them! The colors and clarity are perfect and the quality is excellent – a sturdy, gloss vinyl. I am thrilled with my stickers and look forward to seeing reactions when handing them out.


If you are looking to get branded stickers, labels or decals printed (any shape, size or quantity) then look no further than StickerAndLabelSA. Not only is it super convenient but the team is efficient and the product is superior. I would recommend these guys without hesitation.

Put Our Templates To The Test

17 Sep 2018


You’ve come to the realisation you need stickers or labels for your business or perhaps just for personal use…but where to begin with design, right? We’ve taken the guesswork and stress out of designing your own stickers and labels by offering an ever-growing gallery of templates for you to choose from. Here are your various options…

  1. Design Your Own

If you’re a design whizz or have an in-house graphic designer, then you can upload your artwork directly to our website. Upload your artwork in a .jpg file and customise your sticker/label size and quantity on our quote generator.

  1. Personalise Our Templates

If you’re not a designer, but you need your labels personalised, have a click through our gallery of predesigned stickers and labels. You can then personalise these in the ‘design wizard’ on our site which works in a similar, easy-to-use format to Canva. Here, you can also adjust the size of your stickers or labels to ensure you get the maximum quantity per printed sheet.

We’ve got an extensive collection of sticker and label templates including those for holiday or seasonal events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. Stickers and labels have also become a popular choice for Save The Dates for engaged couples.

  1. Use Ready-To-Go Templates

There are some templates in the gallery that don’t require personalisation. This includes stickers for birthdays, workplace safety warnings and ‘just-for-fun’ stickers and labels. Take a look at our sticker gallery hereand label gallery here, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for! If not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for assistance.

Need a quote? You can use our quick and simple online quote form to get an instant price for your job – it will also show the unit price. Our online sticker quote generator is situated on our home page. Simply put in the width and height for your particular sticker and then insert the quantity. You will almost see the price instantly. We offer generous volume discounts, so feel free to play around with the quantity to get a total/unit price that suits your requirements and budget.


5 Ways Branded Stickers Can Help Your Business Grow

01 Sep 2018

branded stickers

Businesses have been using branded stickers as part of their marketing initiatives for years because of their longevity and cost. We rounded up some ideas for using stickers to grow your business and attract new customers:

  1. New Product Launches

Thinking up ways to market and effectively market your new product or service can be tough. Why not consider printing it on a custom sticker? Not only will it get people talking but raise awareness too! If your insurance company is launching a new service offering, print your campaign slogan onto a sticker to build up hype and generate excitement. By the time your official launch rolls around, you’ll already have a pool of interested people ready to sign up. If you have created a website or landing page for your new product or service, it’s worth including that link on the sticker to direct some traffic to your page and improve your SEO.

  1. Street Promotions

Street promotions are a great way to get people who are not familiar with your brand more aware of who you are and what you do. From a lead generation perspective, handing out branded stickers at intersections and robots is a solid way to grow your brand and expand your audience. What should you put on these? Your logo, a competition, a fun quote or image…anything that is memorable and would add value to your intended audience in a way that is still on-brand.

  1. Social Media

It can be hard to target the right audience, at the right time on social media…not to mention hellishly expensive! It’s worthwhile printing your social media handles onto stickers that can either be given away with purchase or handed out for free in your store or office to help you get noticed. These customers are already engaged with your brand which ensures you’re advertising to the right audience which will save you money down the line.

  1. Bumper Stickers

This one is particularly useful for fun, quirky brands. Work with your marketing team to find a suitable memorable phrase or slogan that can be printed on a sticker with your logo. With the majority of people keeping cars for anywhere from 3 to 5+ years, bumper stickers often stay on a car for this full time period, scoring your business a huge amount of impressions and increased visibility.

  1. Sticky Business Cards

Give your business card a facelift by making it sticky! A sticker-style business card allows new leads to pop your sticker on their laptops, fridges or desks therefore keeping you top of mind. Most traditional business cards end up forgotten in a handbag, pocket or in a sea of paper on desks but having something unique could up your chances for converting that lead into a new customer.


There really are so many ways stickers can be used to help you gain visibility, grow your audience and win over leads. If you’re stuck and don’t know which option to choose, get in touch with our team! Remember you can buy stickers of any quantity, size or shape from us and all of this can be done online (yay!).

Need a quote? You can use our quick and simple online quote form to get an instant price for your job – it will also show the unit price. Our online sticker quote generator is situated on our home page. Simply put in the width and height for your particular sticker and then insert the quantity. You will almost see the price instantly. We offer generous volume discounts, so feel free to play around with the quantity to get a total/unit price that suits your requirements and budget.

Simple Ways To Encourage Sustainability in Your Office

13 Aug 2018

With water and energy crises at the centre of our minds in South Africa, and ever-increasing expenses, you may be wondering how you can help. By getting your team on-board with sustainable practices through key internal messaging, not only will you be helping decrease the strain on resources, but you could save money too! Here are some ideas for custom decals, stickers and labels to place around your office to keep sustainability top of mind for your team!

Be Water-Wise

It is a good idea to get fun custom stickers printed to place on the walls by taps and basins. These can include short, punchy messaging about turning the taps off properly after use. Or not leaving water running for extended periods of time when washing dishes or hands. This is a sustainability practice they should be encouraged to take home with them.

Don’t Be In The Dark

Let’s get real. Load-shedding is a giant pain in the behind. It affects productivity and deadlines which ultimately impacts your bottom line. Encourage your staff to save energy where they can by placing energy-saving custom stickers strategically around your office.

For example, each staff member could have a small sticker on their computers, reminding them to shut down at the end of the day. Light switches should also have stickers next to them to remind your team to turn off lights not in use or before leaving work for the day.

It would also be fun (and helpful!) to pop a sticker or decal on the office fridge to remind people to not leave it standing open too long and to ensure its closed properly. It draws massive amounts of energy to stay cool when left open – not sustainable at all!

Now for the biggest power-sucker…the office air conditioner. Rather than battle for the remote, encourage your staff members to only switch it on if it’s very hot and stuff. Promote fresh air being the cooling method of choice by popping custom decals on the windows with catchy messaging.

Get Your Customers On Board

Not only will they be super impressed with your sustainability efforts, but they’ll feel good about making a difference themselves. For example, create custom license disc stickers with sustainability tips on them and hand out to customers. If you’re in the restaurant industry, pop a little sticker on serviettes to remind them to recycle/be water-wise or save electricity. Obviously if you’re selling a product, popping the sustainability messaging onto your labels is a big plus.


Custom stickers, labels and decals make it easy for you, your team and your customers to practice sustainability by acting as constant reminders. Want to make your office more eco-aware? Get in touch with us for a quote on custom stickers, labels and decals. We do any quantity, size or shape and offer fast turnaround times! Did we mention, we deliver nationwide for your convenience? Go on, give us a try!

The Advantages of Vehicle Branding

24 Jul 2018

vehicle branding

Great advertising is not only about making an excellent first impression, but a lasting one! How do you achieve that? Vehicle branding! Having custom decals on your vehicle is a memorable way to spread your key messaging and get your name out there, especially if your branding is well-thought-out.

  1. Eye Catching

Vehicle branding that is bright, bold and a little quirky will catch the attention of passer-by’s and fellow drivers stuck in traffic. Your vehicle will stand out from other cars on the road and generally will draw people’s eye to your branding, especially if you’ve been clever with design or wording.

  1. Broaden Your Horizons

If you’ve got a few employees with custom vehicle branding or even a fleet of delivery vans, your messaging could be reaching hundreds and thousands of new customers every month. It has been found that most businesses attract more new customers through vehicle branding than they do through their website.

  1. Passive

There’s nothing people hate more than feeling bombarded by marketers. Aggressive advertising is likely to get people irritated and thus key messaging is ignored. It has been noted that people feel positive when seeing branded vehicles and don’t feel like it is ‘in their faces’ like some other forms of advertising such as direct mail and radio.

  1. Mobility

Most advertising techniques require you to wait for customers to see your adverts, such as a press piece in a community magazine or even a digital campaign. Vehicle branding carries your message to a wider audience of potential customers without being invasive, which generates an endless stream of potential leads.

  1. Cost Effective

Billboards, radio and television ads are exorbitant for small businesses and many cannot even consider them as options. Vehicle branding, however, is extremely cost effective and reaches an audience as big as most of these methods, especially if your business is a nationwide operation.

Order custom decals online!

Need custom vehicle decals printed? Look no further than StickerAndLabelSA – an online printing service based in Durban. We print any quantity, shape and size, conveniently providing a platform on which you can upload your artwork and have the finished product delivered to your door in 1-2 business days. Simple as that!

We print custom decals and give clear and easy instructions on how to apply them to your vehicle or retail window space. For full vehicle wraps, we recommend seeking out a specialist service provider, who can not only print the custom high quality vinyl, but also has a team of expert applicators. This will ensure that the vinyl is neatly and correctly applied, and will minimize the chances of damage to your vehicle during the application process.




Mandatory Requirements For Food Labels in South Africa

18 Jul 2018

food labels

Before you’re ready to sell the secret sauce, contest-winning gherkins or flavour-filled jam, there are a few things to consider when creating food labels to stick onto your packaging. We’ve made things easier for you by listing the compulsory information the Department of Health requires to appear on packaging in order for food products to be sold in South Africa.

  1. Product Name

You are required to have a precise product name to inform the customer of exactly what is in the packaging. You can’t just have your brand name, your product name must appear on the label as well. For example, if your business is called Mr Pickles, your food labels need to read ‘Mr Pickles Premium Gherkins.’

  1. Ingredients

All ingredients used to create your product must appear on the food labels in descending order of mass.

  1. Allergens

Any potential allergens must be listed on the labels. For example, if you make pesto, you need to list your products are made using nuts and cheese therefore making them unsuitable for customers with dairy or nut allergies.

  1. Country of Origin

  2. Batch Number

  3. Best Before Date

  4. Nutritional Information

The R429 bill requires all caloric values to appear on food labels in an effort to make consumers more aware of what they are putting into their bodies and of their daily energy intake.

  1. Net Contents

This is the mass of product in the packaging. It could be in millilitres, grams or kilograms depending on the product.

  1. Restrictions

The following words may NOT appear on your food labels:

  • ‘x’ % fat free – instead this must be worded as ‘contains x % of fat’
  • Healthy/wholesome/balanced nutrition or any similar adjectives
  • Suitable For Diabetics/Diabetic-Friendly
  1. Claims

Any specific claims such as ‘sugar free’ or ‘fat free’ or ‘improves digestion’ as examples, are required to be tested in a SANAS accredited lab before they can appear on any food labels.

Don’t be put off by the seemingly stringent regulations as they follow worldwide standards. As consumers, we should be glad that our government has put these requirements in place to protect us and our health.

Shop food labels online…

Need food labels printed? Look no further than StickerAndLabelSA – an online printing service based in Durban. We print any quantity, shape and size, conveniently providing a platform on which you can upload your artwork and have the finished product delivered to your door in 1-2 business days. Simple as that!

Quirky Jam Flavours You Need In Your Life

24 Jun 2018


Fancy yourself a bit of a foodie? Us too! Jam and preserves are a staple in any food lovers pantry, offering a versatile topping or side to a variety of dishes. We’ve created our fair share of jam jar labels for our customers and to pay homage to one of the world’s favourite condiments, we’re rounding up the flavours you need to try NOW!

  1. Bacon Jam

Nope, it’s not solely reserved for oversized knitwear-wearing, man bun flaunting hipsters – bacon jam is mainstream these days! And let’s be real…bacon makes everything taste better! Put it on your eggs, on toast or with your next cheese board. Our favourite? Pimping your toasted cheese sarmie!

  1. Raspberry and Vanilla Jam

Vanilla and raspberry have to be one of the most decadent flavour combinations when it comes to jams. There are a million drool-worthy things we can think of topping with this, but scones come to mind, as does apple pie. The dessert aisle is your oyster.

  1. Fig and Red Onion Marmalade

Ok, we’re officially salivating. Can you get much better than the sweet fruitiness of figs blended with the tang of the humble red onion? This guy goes fabulously on burgers, steak, your morning eggs and can make your lunchtime sandwich that much more delicious.

  1. Olive and Chilli Jam

Olive and chilli make for an interesting flavour profile, with the bitterness of orange mixed with the sweetness of citrus finished off with a spicy kick from the fresh chilli. Expect to spread it generously on baguettes with cheese, as a topping to your fish or on your smoked chicken salad. Yum!

  1. Pink Gin & Strawberry Jam

If only we could drink this straight out the jar. But alas, we’ve been told that’s not appropriate. Made from succulent, sweet strawberries with notes of juniper berry and elderflower, this fresh and fruity jam will make breakfast feel like cocktail hour every day!

  1. Single Malt Whisky Jam

Made from deliciously smooth and spicy bourbon, the rich and beautiful colour of the single malt whisky jam adds to its appeal. It pairs perfectly with zesty oranges so it’s a must if you plan on making a tangy citrus tart for dessert. A match made in confectionary heaven!

Whether you’re making jam to sell at markets or to give away as gifts, StickerAndLabelSA would love to help you print your perfect labels. No quantity, shape or size is off limits for us! Upload your artwork on our website, place your order and wait for your order to be delivered to your door before you can even blink!


The Many Ways Custom Labels Can Be Applied To Wine Bottles

30 May 2018

custom wine bottle

Whether for business or personal use, custom labels on wine bottles make anyone on the receiving end feel extra special. We break down the many ways you can create custom labels for wine bottles to add that unique edge to the occasion.

  1. Bridesmaid or Groomsman Gifts

You thought you were off the hook when it comes to proposing after popping the question…you were wrong! These days, its trendy to also prepare something special to make your friends status of bridesmaid and groomsman official. A popular gift of choice is your friends favourite bottle of wine, with a customised label asking them to be a part of your big day. This is a gift your mates are sure to love!

  1. Custom Wedding Reception Wine

Another wedding-related use for custom labels is a specially designed label to go on all the wine and champagne bottles at the reception. This could be a picture of the bridal couple, a special monogram or the official wedding hashtag. Recently, bridal couples are evening popping custom labels onto water bottles to give their entire wedding a custom feel.

  1. Corporate Gifts

You can never go wrong gifting your clients, employees or stakeholders with a good bottle of vino. Know how you can make it that much better? Show off your corporate identity with custom labels on each bottle. This can even include the recipient’s name and a special message from your company. Maybe they’ll crack it open at a dinner party – hello free advertising!

  1. Brand Campaigns

Maybe you’re a wine brand ready to launch a new ad campaign? What better way to get your campaign messaging out to the world than in the very place the people you want to reach will find it! This is especially useful if you want to direct customers to your social media channels, as campaign specific hashtags or social links can be included on your custom labels.

If you’re planning a wedding, prepping for a corporate event or trying to get your wine brand’s name out there, we’d love to hear from you and work on creating some awesome custom labels together with you. We also offer custom stickers and decals, providing you with a holistic solution.

Why choose StickerAndLabelSA:

  • Any SHAPE, any SIZE, any QUANTITY
  • Conveniently order online and get your order delivered to your doorstep
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Friendly, helpful customer service