Quirky Jam Flavours You Need In Your Life

24 Jun 2018


Fancy yourself a bit of a foodie? Us too! Jam and preserves are a staple in any food lovers pantry, offering a versatile topping or side to a variety of dishes. We’ve created our fair share of jam jar labels for our customers and to pay homage to one of the world’s favourite condiments, we’re rounding up the flavours you need to try NOW!

  1. Bacon Jam

Nope, it’s not solely reserved for oversized knitwear-wearing, man bun flaunting hipsters – bacon jam is mainstream these days! And let’s be real…bacon makes everything taste better! Put it on your eggs, on toast or with your next cheese board. Our favourite? Pimping your toasted cheese sarmie!

  1. Raspberry and Vanilla Jam

Vanilla and raspberry have to be one of the most decadent flavour combinations when it comes to jams. There are a million drool-worthy things we can think of topping with this, but scones come to mind, as does apple pie. The dessert aisle is your oyster.

  1. Fig and Red Onion Marmalade

Ok, we’re officially salivating. Can you get much better than the sweet fruitiness of figs blended with the tang of the humble red onion? This guy goes fabulously on burgers, steak, your morning eggs and can make your lunchtime sandwich that much more delicious.

  1. Olive and Chilli Jam

Olive and chilli make for an interesting flavour profile, with the bitterness of orange mixed with the sweetness of citrus finished off with a spicy kick from the fresh chilli. Expect to spread it generously on baguettes with cheese, as a topping to your fish or on your smoked chicken salad. Yum!

  1. Pink Gin & Strawberry Jam

If only we could drink this straight out the jar. But alas, we’ve been told that’s not appropriate. Made from succulent, sweet strawberries with notes of juniper berry and elderflower, this fresh and fruity jam will make breakfast feel like cocktail hour every day!

  1. Single Malt Whisky Jam

Made from deliciously smooth and spicy bourbon, the rich and beautiful colour of the single malt whisky jam adds to its appeal. It pairs perfectly with zesty oranges so it’s a must if you plan on making a tangy citrus tart for dessert. A match made in confectionary heaven!

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