Mandatory Requirements For Food Labels in South Africa

18 Jul 2018

food labels

Before you’re ready to sell the secret sauce, contest-winning gherkins or flavour-filled jam, there are a few things to consider when creating food labels to stick onto your packaging. We’ve made things easier for you by listing the compulsory information the Department of Health requires to appear on packaging in order for food products to be sold in South Africa.

  1. Product Name

You are required to have a precise product name to inform the customer of exactly what is in the packaging. You can’t just have your brand name, your product name must appear on the label as well. For example, if your business is called Mr Pickles, your food labels need to read ‘Mr Pickles Premium Gherkins.’

  1. Ingredients

All ingredients used to create your product must appear on the food labels in descending order of mass.

  1. Allergens

Any potential allergens must be listed on the labels. For example, if you make pesto, you need to list your products are made using nuts and cheese therefore making them unsuitable for customers with dairy or nut allergies.

  1. Country of Origin

  2. Batch Number

  3. Best Before Date

  4. Nutritional Information

The R429 bill requires all caloric values to appear on food labels in an effort to make consumers more aware of what they are putting into their bodies and of their daily energy intake.

  1. Net Contents

This is the mass of product in the packaging. It could be in millilitres, grams or kilograms depending on the product.

  1. Restrictions

The following words may NOT appear on your food labels:

  • ‘x’ % fat free – instead this must be worded as ‘contains x % of fat’
  • Healthy/wholesome/balanced nutrition or any similar adjectives
  • Suitable For Diabetics/Diabetic-Friendly
  1. Claims

Any specific claims such as ‘sugar free’ or ‘fat free’ or ‘improves digestion’ as examples, are required to be tested in a SANAS accredited lab before they can appear on any food labels.

Don’t be put off by the seemingly stringent regulations as they follow worldwide standards. As consumers, we should be glad that our government has put these requirements in place to protect us and our health.

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Quirky Jam Flavours You Need In Your Life

24 Jun 2018


Fancy yourself a bit of a foodie? Us too! Jam and preserves are a staple in any food lovers pantry, offering a versatile topping or side to a variety of dishes. We’ve created our fair share of jam jar labels for our customers and to pay homage to one of the world’s favourite condiments, we’re rounding up the flavours you need to try NOW!

  1. Bacon Jam

Nope, it’s not solely reserved for oversized knitwear-wearing, man bun flaunting hipsters – bacon jam is mainstream these days! And let’s be real…bacon makes everything taste better! Put it on your eggs, on toast or with your next cheese board. Our favourite? Pimping your toasted cheese sarmie!

  1. Raspberry and Vanilla Jam

Vanilla and raspberry have to be one of the most decadent flavour combinations when it comes to jams. There are a million drool-worthy things we can think of topping with this, but scones come to mind, as does apple pie. The dessert aisle is your oyster.

  1. Fig and Red Onion Marmalade

Ok, we’re officially salivating. Can you get much better than the sweet fruitiness of figs blended with the tang of the humble red onion? This guy goes fabulously on burgers, steak, your morning eggs and can make your lunchtime sandwich that much more delicious.

  1. Olive and Chilli Jam

Olive and chilli make for an interesting flavour profile, with the bitterness of orange mixed with the sweetness of citrus finished off with a spicy kick from the fresh chilli. Expect to spread it generously on baguettes with cheese, as a topping to your fish or on your smoked chicken salad. Yum!

  1. Pink Gin & Strawberry Jam

If only we could drink this straight out the jar. But alas, we’ve been told that’s not appropriate. Made from succulent, sweet strawberries with notes of juniper berry and elderflower, this fresh and fruity jam will make breakfast feel like cocktail hour every day!

  1. Single Malt Whisky Jam

Made from deliciously smooth and spicy bourbon, the rich and beautiful colour of the single malt whisky jam adds to its appeal. It pairs perfectly with zesty oranges so it’s a must if you plan on making a tangy citrus tart for dessert. A match made in confectionary heaven!

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The Many Ways Custom Labels Can Be Applied To Wine Bottles

30 May 2018

custom wine bottle

Whether for business or personal use, custom labels on wine bottles make anyone on the receiving end feel extra special. We break down the many ways you can create custom labels for wine bottles to add that unique edge to the occasion.

  1. Bridesmaid or Groomsman Gifts

You thought you were off the hook when it comes to proposing after popping the question…you were wrong! These days, its trendy to also prepare something special to make your friends status of bridesmaid and groomsman official. A popular gift of choice is your friends favourite bottle of wine, with a customised label asking them to be a part of your big day. This is a gift your mates are sure to love!

  1. Custom Wedding Reception Wine

Another wedding-related use for custom labels is a specially designed label to go on all the wine and champagne bottles at the reception. This could be a picture of the bridal couple, a special monogram or the official wedding hashtag. Recently, bridal couples are evening popping custom labels onto water bottles to give their entire wedding a custom feel.

  1. Corporate Gifts

You can never go wrong gifting your clients, employees or stakeholders with a good bottle of vino. Know how you can make it that much better? Show off your corporate identity with custom labels on each bottle. This can even include the recipient’s name and a special message from your company. Maybe they’ll crack it open at a dinner party – hello free advertising!

  1. Brand Campaigns

Maybe you’re a wine brand ready to launch a new ad campaign? What better way to get your campaign messaging out to the world than in the very place the people you want to reach will find it! This is especially useful if you want to direct customers to your social media channels, as campaign specific hashtags or social links can be included on your custom labels.

If you’re planning a wedding, prepping for a corporate event or trying to get your wine brand’s name out there, we’d love to hear from you and work on creating some awesome custom labels together with you. We also offer custom stickers and decals, providing you with a holistic solution.

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8 Considerations When Designing Labels for Your Coffee Brand

16 May 2018

You created a winning blend and you’re ready to take your new coffee brand to market – congratulations! That’s grounds for celebration (see what we did there). An essential step in making your new coffee brand commercial, is ensuring the label meets industry standards.

As important as the design and colours are, there is some vital information that is required to appear on your labels in order to keep consumers informed.

1. Product Name

The brand name must appear on your coffee stickers and labels, as well as what the product is.

2. Net Weight

You are required to include the net weight of the coffee beans or grounds in the packaging on your label. Unless you are exporting to a country that uses the imperial system, ensure the weight is stated in grams or kilograms. For a South African consumer, pounds may as well be written in French – who needs such a complicated measuring system!

3. Name and Address of the Coffee Producer

This need not be your name, but the registered name of your brand. This also does not need to appear on the front label – it can be placed on the back of the packaging.

4. Type of Coffee & Blend

Is it Arabica? Mocha? Bourbon? Is it 100% a specific bean or a blend of beans? Let your new customers know!

5. Roast

Dark roasts are more bitter and stronger, whereas medium roasts won’t put as many hairs on your chest! Be sure to include what kind of roast your beans/grounds are so your customer knows what strength they’re dealing with – not everyone likes a strong cuppa!

6. Premium Quality Status

Not so fast! You can only include this on your label if you have received certification from inspection authorities. They test and grade the quality of your beans before roasting.

7. UTZ Certification

This is a sustainability certification that shows your customers you’re a brand that cares about the environment and sustainably grown coffee beans.

8. Optional Extras

If your blend is 100% organic, you can get special certification and include this status on your stickers and labels.  If your coffee is fair trade certified, this is also another great one to include on your labels.

As you can gather, coffee labelling regulations are far more lax than other food and beverage items, making creating your coffee label far less of a headache! Head to our website to order your labels online. We’ve even got easy to use templates to make the process that much easier for you!

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