StickerAndLabelSA Customer Review

17 Oct 2018


I run a small digital marketing agency, Pitch Perfect Marketing, based in Hillcrest, Durban. I have been working with Gary and his team for a few months on their content marketing strategy to drive more traffic to their websites. So when it came time for me to order some branded promotional stickers for my business, using StickerAndLabelSA was a no brainer!

Order Process

Putting my order through was really simple! I chose to design my own artwork, but you can use their templates and design wizard if you’re not a designer. On the home page you can plug in the sticker size and quantity for an instant quote. This quote always includes delivery to your door (what a win!). So from there, I simply uploaded my artwork and submitted my order.

Customer Service

Charlene responded to my order right away and sent me a proof to approve before handing my order over to the printing department. By that afternoon, I was told my stickers were ready for me to collect (my office is a few minutes drive from their offices so I saved them the schlep of dispatching with a courier). I do know that you’ll generally have your stickers within 48 hours from placing your order – their turnaround time is excellent!

Finished Product

My stickers turned out fantastically. I chose to get license disc stickers printed as a promotional tool for my business. I find it more useful to give to potential clients than a business card, and let’s face it, everyone needs them! The colors and clarity are perfect and the quality is excellent – a sturdy, gloss vinyl. I am thrilled with my stickers and look forward to seeing reactions when handing them out.


If you are looking to get branded stickers, labels or decals printed (any shape, size or quantity) then look no further than StickerAndLabelSA. Not only is it super convenient but the team is efficient and the product is superior. I would recommend these guys without hesitation.

Client Spotlight: DroneScan

15 Aug 2018

We wouldn’t be where we are or be able to do what we love without YOU, our customers. Today we thought we’d introduce you to one of our most fascinating customers, DroneScan. Meet Jodi and Jasper, the dream team behind this company.

How did you identify the gap in the market for something like DroneScan? 

I visited a manager of a large warehouse and discovered that a huge number of man hours – as well as heavy machinery such as forklifts – were required to take inventory of stock which changed daily. After thinking about the apparent waste of resources I thought, “What if drones were used to scan inventory in warehouses?” This was how DroneScan was born, a start-up offering a robotic scanning device as a solution to the time-consuming task of warehouse stocktaking.

What sparked your interest in drone technology?

Drone technology was really in its infancy when the idea of inventory tracking with drones struck me as a possibility. It was not readily available to everyone as it is today and I realised that this had the potential to be a quick solution to scanning. I enjoyed building my own drones, but really it was a necessity to get to the point that we needed to to start scanning in warehouses.

Which industries can benefit from bringing DroneScan on board? 

We focus predominantly on the warehousing industry. However, asset management is necessary in so many companies, from small assets to vehicles in yards, and we have solutions for a wide variety of scenarios.

What sets DroneScan apart from its competitors?

There is a lot of fake advertising and hyped up promises out there in the industry, what Dronescan promises is what is already working and can be implemented immediately. The skill set and experience that our staff have in a wide variety of areas is a huge asset, as they can understand the customer’s needs quickly and tell them whether or not the Dronescan system is a good fit for their company. It is not a sell at any cost scenario. If we can deliver what is needed then we will say so, and if not, we will be clear about that and perhaps suggest other solutions. However, our Scanman and Dronescan products are highly competitive price-wise, they are at the leading edge of technology in the world and they can solve most needs within the warehousing and asset management industry.

How can interested customers get in touch with you or find out more?

They can view our website  or reach us on 031-5630389 or email:

What did you come to us for help with? 

Serialised Stickers for stock and assets.

**DroneScan came to us with a very unique requirement for their labels. They required a QR Code to be placed on each label. The information was provided to us in an excel spreadsheet and we were able to merge the variable data to generate the unique QR code on the label, together with the other static information. As a matter of interest, we can do the same with Barcodes for your stickers or labels. If you have a similar requirement for your business, please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your particular needs.**

How did you find our customer service and products?

Great customer service. You communicate quickly, asking questions and clarifying, and the end product has been very pleasing.