StickerAndLabelSA Customer Review

17 Oct 2018


I run a small digital marketing agency, Pitch Perfect Marketing, based in Hillcrest, Durban. I have been working with Gary and his team for a few months on their content marketing strategy to drive more traffic to their websites. So when it came time for me to order some branded promotional stickers for my business, using StickerAndLabelSA was a no brainer!

Order Process

Putting my order through was really simple! I chose to design my own artwork, but you can use their templates and design wizard if you’re not a designer. On the home page you can plug in the sticker size and quantity for an instant quote. This quote always includes delivery to your door (what a win!). So from there, I simply uploaded my artwork and submitted my order.

Customer Service

Charlene responded to my order right away and sent me a proof to approve before handing my order over to the printing department. By that afternoon, I was told my stickers were ready for me to collect (my office is a few minutes drive from their offices so I saved them the schlep of dispatching with a courier). I do know that you’ll generally have your stickers within 48 hours from placing your order – their turnaround time is excellent!

Finished Product

My stickers turned out fantastically. I chose to get license disc stickers printed as a promotional tool for my business. I find it more useful to give to potential clients than a business card, and let’s face it, everyone needs them! The colors and clarity are perfect and the quality is excellent – a sturdy, gloss vinyl. I am thrilled with my stickers and look forward to seeing reactions when handing them out.


If you are looking to get branded stickers, labels or decals printed (any shape, size or quantity) then look no further than StickerAndLabelSA. Not only is it super convenient but the team is efficient and the product is superior. I would recommend these guys without hesitation.

5 Ways Branded Stickers Can Help Your Business Grow

01 Sep 2018

branded stickers

Businesses have been using branded stickers as part of their marketing initiatives for years because of their longevity and cost. We rounded up some ideas for using stickers to grow your business and attract new customers:

  1. New Product Launches

Thinking up ways to market and effectively market your new product or service can be tough. Why not consider printing it on a custom sticker? Not only will it get people talking but raise awareness too! If your insurance company is launching a new service offering, print your campaign slogan onto a sticker to build up hype and generate excitement. By the time your official launch rolls around, you’ll already have a pool of interested people ready to sign up. If you have created a website or landing page for your new product or service, it’s worth including that link on the sticker to direct some traffic to your page and improve your SEO.

  1. Street Promotions

Street promotions are a great way to get people who are not familiar with your brand more aware of who you are and what you do. From a lead generation perspective, handing out branded stickers at intersections and robots is a solid way to grow your brand and expand your audience. What should you put on these? Your logo, a competition, a fun quote or image…anything that is memorable and would add value to your intended audience in a way that is still on-brand.

  1. Social Media

It can be hard to target the right audience, at the right time on social media…not to mention hellishly expensive! It’s worthwhile printing your social media handles onto stickers that can either be given away with purchase or handed out for free in your store or office to help you get noticed. These customers are already engaged with your brand which ensures you’re advertising to the right audience which will save you money down the line.

  1. Bumper Stickers

This one is particularly useful for fun, quirky brands. Work with your marketing team to find a suitable memorable phrase or slogan that can be printed on a sticker with your logo. With the majority of people keeping cars for anywhere from 3 to 5+ years, bumper stickers often stay on a car for this full time period, scoring your business a huge amount of impressions and increased visibility.

  1. Sticky Business Cards

Give your business card a facelift by making it sticky! A sticker-style business card allows new leads to pop your sticker on their laptops, fridges or desks therefore keeping you top of mind. Most traditional business cards end up forgotten in a handbag, pocket or in a sea of paper on desks but having something unique could up your chances for converting that lead into a new customer.


There really are so many ways stickers can be used to help you gain visibility, grow your audience and win over leads. If you’re stuck and don’t know which option to choose, get in touch with our team! Remember you can buy stickers of any quantity, size or shape from us and all of this can be done online (yay!).

Need a quote? You can use our quick and simple online quote form to get an instant price for your job – it will also show the unit price. Our online sticker quote generator is situated on our home page. Simply put in the width and height for your particular sticker and then insert the quantity. You will almost see the price instantly. We offer generous volume discounts, so feel free to play around with the quantity to get a total/unit price that suits your requirements and budget.

8 Ways Psychology Impacts Branding Decisions

17 Jul 2018


When branding your products or business, it is important to consider human psychology in your designs. There are always a number of psychological factors at play that determine how well branding is received.

  1. Humans are impulsive by nature

Like it or not, humans are programmed to make decisions quickly which sometimes means being impulsive. This can be used to a marketer’s advantage as impulsive purchase decisions can lead to your product or service being bought. Calls to action like “subscribe now,” “try now,” or “buy now,” work exceptionally well as they play on the customer’s innate weakness.  

  1. People Process Images Faster Than Text

This is an important psychological factor to consider when designing stickers, labels and decals as sometimes the visuals you use are the only opportunity you’ll get to woo the customer. People do think in pictures after all so your visuals could make or break customer buy-in. 

  1. The Colour Blue is Linked To Trust

There is a significant psychological link between the colour blue and feelings of trust. Adding blue to your branding is a good idea if you would like to invoke feelings of trust from customers.

  1. Good Copy Goes A Long Way

When developing branding, it is worth your while to hire a professional copywriter to get the wordy bits right! Use of the right words goes a long way in building trust – authentic, certified, loyal and official are just some examples of suitable words to use.

  1. Repeat Business

Also known as the “foot in the door” technique, marketers can rest assured that when a customer says yes to subscribing to an email sign-up or free trial are highly likely to repeat this positive behaviour again in future.

  1. Price Matters

How you value and price your product or service can have a psychological impact on customers down the line. For example, if someone is shopping for a couch and decides their budget is R2000, your couch going for R3999 will be way over budget. However if that customer saw a ‘marked down’ price of R2500, even though it is over budget they would likely still purchase it.

  1. All Decisions Are Based Off Emotion

Every single decision humans make is based off of and informed by emotions. Marketers should not attempt to elicit an emotional response but rather align campaigns and products/services themselves with the emotion customers may be most inclined towards.

  1. People Behave How They’re Labelled

It is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy – we see ourselves through others perceptions, so what others tell us we are is generally how we will behave. Therefore, it is ok for you to tell your customers who they are, what they believe and how they should act through your messaging. This will determine whether or not they will buy your product or service.

Order custom Stickers, Labels and Decals online!

Need stickers, labels or custom decals printed? StickerAndLabelSA at your service! Upload your designs on our user-friendly website, pay for your order and relax – your order will be delivered to your door in 1-2 working days. Not only do you not even need to leave the office to order branded stickers, labels and decals but we print any quantity, size and shape!