The Advantages of Vehicle Branding

24 Jul 2018

vehicle branding

Great advertising is not only about making an excellent first impression, but a lasting one! How do you achieve that? Vehicle branding! Having custom decals on your vehicle is a memorable way to spread your key messaging and get your name out there, especially if your branding is well-thought-out.

  1. Eye Catching

Vehicle branding that is bright, bold and a little quirky will catch the attention of passer-by’s and fellow drivers stuck in traffic. Your vehicle will stand out from other cars on the road and generally will draw people’s eye to your branding, especially if you’ve been clever with design or wording.

  1. Broaden Your Horizons

If you’ve got a few employees with custom vehicle branding or even a fleet of delivery vans, your messaging could be reaching hundreds and thousands of new customers every month. It has been found that most businesses attract more new customers through vehicle branding than they do through their website.

  1. Passive

There’s nothing people hate more than feeling bombarded by marketers. Aggressive advertising is likely to get people irritated and thus key messaging is ignored. It has been noted that people feel positive when seeing branded vehicles and don’t feel like it is ‘in their faces’ like some other forms of advertising such as direct mail and radio.

  1. Mobility

Most advertising techniques require you to wait for customers to see your adverts, such as a press piece in a community magazine or even a digital campaign. Vehicle branding carries your message to a wider audience of potential customers without being invasive, which generates an endless stream of potential leads.

  1. Cost Effective

Billboards, radio and television ads are exorbitant for small businesses and many cannot even consider them as options. Vehicle branding, however, is extremely cost effective and reaches an audience as big as most of these methods, especially if your business is a nationwide operation.

Order custom decals online!

Need custom vehicle decals printed? Look no further than StickerAndLabelSA – an online printing service based in Durban. We print any quantity, shape and size, conveniently providing a platform on which you can upload your artwork and have the finished product delivered to your door in 1-2 business days. Simple as that!

We print custom decals and give clear and easy instructions on how to apply them to your vehicle or retail window space. For full vehicle wraps, we recommend seeking out a specialist service provider, who can not only print the custom high quality vinyl, but also has a team of expert applicators. This will ensure that the vinyl is neatly and correctly applied, and will minimize the chances of damage to your vehicle during the application process.