Simple Ways To Encourage Sustainability in Your Office

13 Aug 2018

With water and energy crises at the centre of our minds in South Africa, and ever-increasing expenses, you may be wondering how you can help. By getting your team on-board with sustainable practices through key internal messaging, not only will you be helping decrease the strain on resources, but you could save money too! Here are some ideas for custom decals, stickers and labels to place around your office to keep sustainability top of mind for your team!

Be Water-Wise

It is a good idea to get fun custom stickers printed to place on the walls by taps and basins. These can include short, punchy messaging about turning the taps off properly after use. Or not leaving water running for extended periods of time when washing dishes or hands. This is a sustainability practice they should be encouraged to take home with them.

Don’t Be In The Dark

Let’s get real. Load-shedding is a giant pain in the behind. It affects productivity and deadlines which ultimately impacts your bottom line. Encourage your staff to save energy where they can by placing energy-saving custom stickers strategically around your office.

For example, each staff member could have a small sticker on their computers, reminding them to shut down at the end of the day. Light switches should also have stickers next to them to remind your team to turn off lights not in use or before leaving work for the day.

It would also be fun (and helpful!) to pop a sticker or decal on the office fridge to remind people to not leave it standing open too long and to ensure its closed properly. It draws massive amounts of energy to stay cool when left open – not sustainable at all!

Now for the biggest power-sucker…the office air conditioner. Rather than battle for the remote, encourage your staff members to only switch it on if it’s very hot and stuff. Promote fresh air being the cooling method of choice by popping custom decals on the windows with catchy messaging.

Get Your Customers On Board

Not only will they be super impressed with your sustainability efforts, but they’ll feel good about making a difference themselves. For example, create custom license disc stickers with sustainability tips on them and hand out to customers. If you’re in the restaurant industry, pop a little sticker on serviettes to remind them to recycle/be water-wise or save electricity. Obviously if you’re selling a product, popping the sustainability messaging onto your labels is a big plus.


Custom stickers, labels and decals make it easy for you, your team and your customers to practice sustainability by acting as constant reminders. Want to make your office more eco-aware? Get in touch with us for a quote on custom stickers, labels and decals. We do any quantity, size or shape and offer fast turnaround times! Did we mention, we deliver nationwide for your convenience? Go on, give us a try!