Removable versus Permanent Vinyl

26 Oct 2017

Many of our clients ask us what the difference is between these two options – removable and permanent vinyl stickers/labels/decals.

Firstly, it is important to mention that in all other aspects the properties of the vinyl are exactly the same. They are waterproof, dishwasher safe and you can write on them with a permanent marker. The difference in removable versus permanent vinyl lies purely in the adhesion qualities, specifically the strength and the permanence.

Removable vinyl can be easily removed and does not leave a sticky residue. It is ideally suited to applications such as the following:

  • Retail Stickers/Labels/Decals
  • Name Tags
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Licence Disc Stickers
  • Bottle Labels
  • Home/Office Admin or Organisational Labels

It is important through to point out that although they may sound similar, removable labels/stickers are not reusable.

Permanent vinyl stickers/labels are difficult to remove (by design) and are suitable for any applications where it is unlikely that you will ever want to remove them. These include some of the following:

  • Waste/Recycling Bins
  • Machinery Warning/Operating Labels
  • Outdoor Gear and Equipment
  • Indoor Signage applications e.g. on wayfinding or information stickers

If you need any further advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via Live Chat, Phone or the contact form.

Guide to using the Design Wizard

20 Oct 2017

Based on our experience processing orders on our other three e-commerce sites, we have tried to offer you a number of different options to make your order journey as seamless as possible. You can upload your own artwork if you have the design skills. You can also start by choosing from a wide range of templates that we have made for you, or you can start with a completely blank canvas using our design wizard.

We have tried to strike a delicate balance here between simplicity and functionality. The Sticker and Label design wizard is ideally aimed at people who don’t have access to, or experience with, a fully functional software design package like Corel Draw or Illustrator / Photoshop.

Design Wizard Step 1 – Setup

The first thing you want to look for is the green arrow on the bottom left of the screen. This shows you your starting point, which involves putting in the dimensions of your Sticker/Label/Decal. If you have started your order on the Home Page, then simply confirm that the dimensions are correct. Similarly, you can then either enter or confirm that the quantity is correct.

Moving across from left to right, you can then check if you want 3D doming as an option, select the background colour for your order and choose the shape of your Sticker, Label or Decal. The options for the latter are a square or rectangle with square / round corners, a sphere (circle or oval) and a custom shaped option (in this case we will place a cut line to cut around the contours on the edge of your design).

Design Wizard Step 2 – Design

Right, now that we have set everything up, you can jump straight into designing your order. If you are including an image or logo, it is a good idea to start with that first by clicking on New Image Layer and selecting your image/logo from your PC or Laptop. Once you have uploaded the image, you will see buttons on the right hand side (under Layer Properties) to Rotate, Fit, Centre, Adjust and Reposition the image. It is also possible to click on the image itself and move it around.

Next, you can add text to your Sticker/Label/Decal. At this stage, we don’t yet have a paragraph option, so you would need to add each line as a separate text box. You can then edit the Font, Size and Colour of the text and move it around by clicking on the text.

To move a text or image layer up/down, simply click on the small arrows to the right of the respective Layer Line in the Layer Box.

Design Wizard Step 3 – Finishing Touches

You are almost done! We have preset the three finishing options to the most common ones but you are welcome to change any of these. You are now finished 🙂 – add the order to your cart and then either proceed straight to the checkout or add another sticker/label/decal order to your basket. If you get stuck at any stage, remember you can chat to us instantly (during working hours) on Live Chat or contact us by phone or using our contact form.